Repel mosquitos

Such a tiny animal. And yet it can completely rob you of your sleep. Who hasn’t heard it, a buzzing in the middle of the night. It’s dark. You don’t want to get up. But you can’t go back to sleep either. But if you are well prepared, you can save the night and find your way back to the realm of dreams.

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Horror night? Banish mosquitoes! – A guide

1. bring a mosquito net

They are not that heavy. And before you spend the night or go mosquito hunting again, a mosquito net can be set up quickly. There are basically 3 types of mosquito nets.


  • Canopy. This is reminiscent of a tent and is hung in one place above the bed. Advantage: You only need to hang the net in one place. Advantageous outdoors, under a tree or in a beach hut. Disadvantage: If a fan is swinging its blades above you, hanging it up is difficult. Fans often have a chain that adjusts the speed of rotation. Attaching the net to this chain would be another option. [amazon box=”B08J2QYSB8″]


  • Box. This has the advantage that you can bypass the fan. Disadvantage: You have to hang the net on at least 2 points. In the best case, at 4 points. By the way, it is always important to push the ends of the mosquito net completely under the mattress. This way you keep insects – and other uninvited guests, such as cockroaches – perfectly away. [amazon box=”B086W5GVGR”]


  • Pop-Up. Bei diesem Moskitonetz brauchst du nichts aufzuhängen. Du liegst schnell unter deiner Käseglocke. Einfach auspacken und auf das Bett werfen. Nachteil: Entweder sind sie sehr groß und wiegen entsprechend oder sie sind sehr klein, nur im Kopfbereich aufgespannt und lassen kaum Windbewegungen eines Ventilators durch.[amazon box=”B01EJHHD22″]


If your mosquito net has been damaged and has holes, it is urgently necessary to “plug” these immediately. The plaster tape you carry in your First Aid Kid is suitable for this purpose.


2. The Body
  • Go take a shower. The smell of sweat attracts them like a drug. At least wash your feet.
  • Don’t drink beer. Beer gives off odours that mosquitoes love.
  • Take vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, every day. This changes your body odour and you seem to be less attractive to mosquitoes.
  • Take vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, every day. This changes your body odour and you seem to be less attractive to mosquitoes. Small side effect. Thiamine has a mood-lifting effect. [amazon box=”B009M3NQGQ”]
  • Especially at the “blue hour” just before sunset, things get dicey. Then you should wear long-sleeved shirts and long trousers. Maybe even wear socks. Popular stinging and biting sites are feet, ankles and lower legs as well as hands and upper arms.
  • Eating fresh garlic, rubbing yourself with rum or gin (or drinking it, then you won’t feel the stings anymore), eating hot curry or Thai food are “secret tips” from tropical countries.
3. anti-insect repellent
  • Mosquito Coil: is a kind of incense for mosquitoes that is lit like an incense stick and spreads an odour that is repulsive to mosquitoes. The coil is usually placed under the table and may only be used outdoors. [amazon box=”B08CKNVWT2″]
  • Citronella incense sticks. It is well known that the lemon-like smell has a deterrent effect on mosquitoes.incense sticks can be used to treat rooms. [amazon box=”B085ZSSN1N”]
  • Anti Brumm & Co.: Most insect repellents contain DEET. This is a kind of nerve gas and was developed by the US Army and used in the Vietnam War as an insect repellent. Yes, the protection is proven. Those who eat organic so as not to ingest pesticides will be reluctant to spray themselves with this chemical. DEET irritates eyes and mucous membranes. Use for children should be checked in advance. [amazon box=”B006ZL4HNY”]
  • Mosquito spray without DEET: If you have sensitive skin, are pregnant or simply don’t want to use chemicals, the Care Plus Natural Spray is a natural product based on lemon and eucalyptus.  [amazon box=”B004ANI3XY”]
  • Citronella soap: Is made from lemongrass. It is lightly moistened and rubbed onto the skin. This creates streaks, but they quickly disappear at high temperatures. The smell is supposed to keep mosquitoes away. Unfortunately, the soap also dries out the skin a little and it can cause itching.  [amazon box=”B004YJSM8U”]
  • Coconut oil: Many people love the smell of coconut oil. For mosquitoes, it is rather a true hate object. The high proportion of the saturated fatty acid lauric acid makes you unattractive as a host for these insects. And as a side effect, it also provides a certain UV protection. Coconut oil is also suitable for cosmetic face and lip care. [amazon box=”B07BFDZ4FQ”]
  • Anti-insect spray: This is more the sledgehammer method. A spray that is used against all kinds of insects, ants and small animals like cockroaches and spiders. In many countries there is a brand called Raid that produces such chemical bombs. When using them, close all windows and doors, hold the air for a long time and spray every corner of the room, including under the table and bed. Leave the room immediately and air it well after 2 hours. By the way, this is common practice in accommodation in the tropics. When maids can no longer keep up with the broom when it comes to ants and other tiny animals, then the next step is to reach for the spray can – Acción Rápida.[amazon box=”B00EE3C1IS”]


4. and more great tips against mosquitoes
  • Cold: Apparently mosquitoes go into cold torpor or flee to warmer climes when temperatures approach 20 degrees Celsius. So – if you have air conditioning – switch it on.
  • Fire: Mosquitoes like to hide under the table. One way of warding them off is to run a lighted match or lighter slowly along the underside of the table.
  • Wind: In open restaurants in the tropics, fans are actually always rotating. Find a spot under a fan, as mosquitoes are lightweights and can navigate poorly in windy conditions.
  • Water: If you are by the sea or ocean, stay near the beach as the wind is stronger here as there are no obstructions above the water.
  • Movement: Keep moving. For example, when standing, you can always bend your legs. When sitting, you don’t necessarily have to put your legs under the table. You can put them to the side, so you can watch them and change position again and again.
  • Pre-treated sleeping bag: Cocoon’s extremely light and thin sleeping bags are made of cotton and pre-treated with permithrin. This substance comes from a species of chrysanthemum and is considered harmless. The fabric repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, fleas, flies and mites. Available here: Cocoon anti-mosquito cotton sleeping bag. A slightly more expensive alternative, but ultra-light and very comfortable on the skin, is the Cocoon Silk Sleeping Bag: