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Trekking Backpack 60L or 70L – Best 2021

Designed to carry heavy loads on outdoor adventures and backpacker tours, the trekking backpack offers a variety of sophisticated features to ensure a high level of carrying comfort.  All of the trekking backpack models presented have – if available – at least 4 out of 5 stars in the ratings. More details click here on: Trekking Backpack Overview details.

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Trekking Backpack 70L + 80L


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Trekking Backpack:  An overview

In addition to the unisex models, there are the increasingly popular women’s trekking backpack models that are perfectly adapted to the female anatomy, see: Women’s trekking backpack. More about the volume, comfort, material and anatomy of a trekking backpack can be found below.


The volume ranges from about 50 litres to about 100 litres. And it is precisely here that the question arises “What size should my trekking backpack be?”. For the big outdoor adventure, with tent, kitchen and bad weather, 90 litres is quite appropriate. For your 3-month stay in Australia, this would be far too big. It is too tempting to take the third pair of shoes with you. In the end, everything has to be packed and lugged by you. Less is more, right?


Probably the best invention in the trekking backpack sector are the so-called hip fins, also known as hip belts. You will always find large and well-padded hip fins in trekking backpacks. They take up to about 80% of the total weight. The adjustment of the back length is a prerequisite for optimal weight distribution. In addition to the chest strap, there are a number of other adjustment options to guarantee the perfect fit.

The anatomy of a trekking rucksack

There are three sections:
1. lid
2. main compartment
3. bottom compartment

The lid often consists of a zipped compartment on the outside and a zipped compartment on the inside. In the inner section, personal documents could be placed. Often there are also printed descriptions for emergencies (SOS etc.). A small first aid kit could also be stored here.

In the outer area, everything can be transported that needs to be quickly accessible. Mobile phones and chocolates, however, should understandably be stored more securely. Tips on how to care for your trekking backpack before, during and after your trip can be found here.

The main compartment is basically just an elongated pack sack that can be closed at the top with a cord and has an opening to the bottom compartment. Rarely are there extra compartments inside, apart from the hydration bladder compartment, which is sewn in as standard. For some years now, the trend has been for the main compartment to open from the outside, from the front. Practical for tidiness lovers, but also useful to avoid having to work your way from the top to your socks with your arm.

The bottom compartment has many names: Wet laundry compartment, dirt compartment or sleeping bag compartment. The names already reveal its purpose. In the end, it holds everything that doesn’t necessarily belong in the main compartment. However, the opening to the main compartment can be used to adjust the load distribution or to transport bulky, elongated items.


The material is extremely robust, as the trekking rucksack has to withstand all wind and weather conditions. It is tossed (aeroplane), dragged (at the counter or on the train) and squashed (fits great under the bed). Enormous sun exposure, air pollution and rain do the rest.

Cordura is a popular fabric known for its extraordinary tear resistance. Combined with lighter nylon fabric that is dirt and water repellent, there are always innovations that make carrying the ever-popular trekking backpack easier.

Protective bag – Carrying case

Extra tip: Use a protective bag for your backpack. This transport cover protects your backpack on flights and bus rides as well as from small animals and insects.